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Includes 1,600 DVD Case-Sized Gift Cards (5.25"x8.125"). Each gift card takes the 'Buy' price from $29.99 to $0.


This gift card reimburses them for a digital ownership copy without an expiration date.  The digital copy is available to download, stream, or cast to a TVfor download or streaming through the streaming service.

Each gift card has the official film poster on the front & instructions with a coupon code on the back.  This gift card provides streaming ownership of the movie (not a limited rental). 

  • Includes 1,600 DVD Case-Sized Gift Cards

  • Each gift card takes the 'Buy' price from $29.99 to $0.


Note:   Streaming Gift Cards typically created and shipped within 5 days of order.

Streaming Gift Cards 1,200 units

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